Artist : , ,
Titel : Sunrise
Release Date : Dezember 24, 2021
Label :
Catalog ref. : N1T 014
Format : Digital Download

Rockmax & Mibeatz – Sunrise
Producer: Tom Kenzler , Michel Krüger Composer: Tom
Kenzler , Michel Krüger Mastering: Position 1 Tracks Studio
Singer: Splice Samples
Artwork: Michel Krüger
„Sunrise“ is another Rockmax & Mibeatz bombshell and
continues the theme of the previously released track „Summer
Interspersed with melancholy sounds and a very linear clear
sound, this release invites you to dream again. Thematically,
the song continues with sadness and ends with a happy
ending. Just listen to the „little story“ for yourself.
Remix Infos : Wild Specs Remix
Producer: Oliver Roxin